About Afri2

The Network of Teachers-Researchers and Researchers in Computer Science of Faso (RECIF) and the different universities in Burkina Faso, the Ministry in charge of Education Superior of Scientific Research and Innovation of Burkina Faso (MESRSI), and the Ministry in charge of the Digital Economy, Posts and Digital Transformation of Burkina Faso, organizes the first international conference on future Information and communication technologies for sustainable development (AFRI2-2024). This international conference aims to be a framework for African integration and will be organized every two years. This conference will provide a framework for exchanges between teacher-researchers, researchers, experts, engineers, businesses, computer science students from different countries and on different research issues in Computer Science linked to technological innovations and the digital economy for sustainable development. This conference will offer an overview of the innovative solutions and methods designed during the activities research in IT carried out in different countries and impacting all sectors of activities.